RansenScan Lesson 3

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If you have not yet done the first and second lessons please do them now.


In this lesson you will learn how to substitute existing images with new selections.


Step 1. Use the Help | Get Second Example Image item to get the example image. Just as in lesson 2 RansenScan will not be able to properly separate images because they are all jumbled together:




Step 2. Drag the mouse over the two running figures in the park image:




Just as you learned in Tutorial 2 hit A (or use this icon Add) when you are happy that you have the label. Your screen will look something like this:




Step 3. Now double click on the two figures running image to get the SubImage Fine Tuning Dialog, which you can use to further refine your image choice. For example:






Step 4: You can now copy any of the sub images ...




...to the clipboard using Control-C or the Edit menu. Then you can paste the images into any other application you please.


When you are happy that you understand this lesson please go to Lesson 4 which is about enhancing colors of old photographs.