Manual scanning overview

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To start a scan click on the Scanner icon


Once a scan has completed, RansenScan show will you with the scan and any of the photos have been automatically cropped and extracted (to do this follow these rules). You can see the four automatically extracted images in the screenshot below:




To save any of the extracted images you can do one of two things:


1.Right click on the sub image in the column on the right, you'll get a menu, simply choose Save Single Sub Image.
2.Click inside the sub image and then on the save single sub image icon Save-one



To change the area of a single sub image extracted click on one of them, a selection rectangle will appear in the main scan image:




Here is a closer look at the selection rectangle:




To remove one of the sub images  highlight it by clicking on it (its frame willl turn red), then hit the DEL key.


Note that you do not have to limit yourself to saving only 4 images from a scan of 4 photos. You can also save details from within the images, as shown in this screenshot:




Although the original scan is only 4 photographs you can select and save different parts of them. In the above example I have selected 5 images from 4 photographs.