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How to scan multiple cards from a card collection efficiently

If you have a card collection, like cigarette cards or Pokemon cards or anything similar you probably want to digitize them to preserve their current state. The problem is that scanning takes a long time. Even if you scan a many cards in a single go then you need to use a paint program to separate them out into single images. That maybe, more than the scanning, is the time consuming part.

Here is a Windows program which comes to the rescue:

RansenScan extracts 8 images and straightens them

With RansenScan you can put many cards on a scanner bed and it will scan, extract and even straighten the images automatically. You just scan and wait. At 300 DPI the whole process takes less than a minute.

Of course there is a limit to how many cards you can get on the scanner bed and have RansenScan recognise them all. In the example shown below the cards are packed a little too close together and some of the cards at the edges have lost their corners:

Card Collection Scanning on flatbed scanner

If you do need to change the image selection all you need to do is click on the sub image on the column on the right of the screen. Then you can straighten, zoom and pan at will:Adjusting scanned card collections

In the example above RansenScan has already done a good job of straightening the image, but in some cases (photographs for instance) the actual image is not straight, in those cases RansenScan provides a grid which allows you to judge the orientation, then adjust it at at 0.1° shifts:

Card Collection Scanning Adjustments

One last tip, since cards are often smaller than photos you should let RansenScan know that it is looking for smaller images by adjusting the automatic recognition settings:

Automatic Scanning Settings

The example above is for stamps, for cards you should probably put the minimum at 6% and the maximum at 25%.

RansenScan is a Windows (XP, 7, Vista, etc.) program and has a free demo available by clicking on then button below:

Download Stamp Scanning Program

RansenScan Testimonials

Here is a page on using RansenScan for scanning stamp collections

Automatic Scanned Image Straightening

Automatic Scanned Image Straightening

Automatic Scanned Image Straightening


Automatic Scanned Image Straightening




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