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Scanner for card collectors, do you need a new one?

Actually if you already have a decent normal flatbed scanner you can archive your collection quickly by scanning many cards in each go, and using a program like RansenScan to automatically extract and straighten them:

extract and straughten

It does not always work the first time, and you may have to play with the settings:

Automatic Recognition Options

and maybe use a black background under the scanner lid, but it certainly speeds up the scan process.

For very faded black and white (or monochrome) cards the automatic contrast enhancement is a time savng boon:

Improve contrast of faded scanned images

You can either set this options as default, or you can change it on the sub image right after the scan:

Cigarette card scanning

So you see you do not need to buy a new scanner, you can try out the demo of RansenScan (for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP) by clicking on the button below

Download Stamp Scanning Program

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