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Software that will straighten "crooked" scan images.

Though I have not got much faith in the integrity and long lastingness (is that a word) of DVDs or cloud based archives, I do want to scan, store and print all my old photos before they fade too much. One of the problems of when scanning hundreds or thousands of images is having to crop them and rotate the crooked ones.

It takes a ton of time, so the question is Is there software that can automatically straighten the image for me? Is there an easy way to do this? Luckily a program called RansenScan is the answer (for Windows users at least!)

Here is a screenshot:

Crooked images cropped and straightend automatically.

Although the above example is from a baseball card collector. Many scanner programs have "automatic straightening" when scanning text documents, but not many can beat RansenScan when scanning photos:

Automatically deskew old crooked photos

The above examples where taken when using an Epson scanner, though most modern Windows compatible programs will work with RansenScan (which has a free demo you can try). In the latest version the automatic straightening can be switched off, but by default it works.

A wonderful thing about the program is that you do not need Photoshop, it is all done inside RansenScan.

If you are really really picky about the angles and crop size you can double click on the extracted image to get a dialog which lets you adjust the size in increments of 0.5% or 2% and the angles in increments of 0.1° or 1°. Here is an example:

Manual and Automatic Straightening and  Cropping of scanned images..

Some paint programs let you draw a straight line at the wrong angle and say "that is how it should be" and the program will rotate it for you. But that is hardly automatic is it?

A free demo version of RansenScan is available for download...

...and you can read testimonials here.


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