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Crop old photos automatically

Do you have old faded or torn photos that you'd like to give a facelift? Have you been meaning to take that box of old photos from Grandma and Grandad and scan them onto a DVD? Now that there is a scanning program which automatically extracts photos from a multi photo scan. All that means is that you put several photos on the scanner and the program extracts them (crops them) and straightens them for you:

Crop Old Photos Automatically

Digitally restored photos can be used to create digital scrapbooks, posted to Web sites, shared through email, and printed for gift-giving or display. If you have hundreds or even thousands of photos to scan though you really need RansenScan to save you time.

For old photographs there is an option to automatically enhance the brightness and contrast:

Enhance old photo contrast automatically

You can see the difference here:

Automatic Contrast Enhancement

Before you scan though you should check your photos for dirt, lint, or smudges. Gently remove surface dust and dirt with a soft brush. In extreme cases canned air, available at most office supply stores, helps to blast away dust and lint from photographs, but should be used with care, if at all.

In the same way that you checked the photos themselves you should also check the scanner glass for dust, lint and smudges. When you clean it be careful not to scratch it!

Now you are ready to use RansenScan to speed up that long task of scanning and saving your old photos. Here is another screenshot:

Crop and Straighten Old Photos Automatically

As one of our customers said: "Thanks for the RansenScan application. I have 15 years worth of paper family photos to scan and your new application makes the effort feasible rather than frightening!"

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