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You can use the Text Effect to create binary ASCI image effects like this: Asci Effect


If you want to get the effect above here see the screenshot of the text effect dialog settings below. In this case we have used text "011100101010" (though any roughly random order of zeros and ones will do). We have set the number of characters across the image to be 60 and we use the Bitstream Vera Sans TrueType font. The background to this binary image effect has been set to black, though you can set it to be the original image or even a gradient image which you can easily design

You may like to experiment by changing font and number of characters, or just let the wizard choose them all.

Remember that this is just one of 150 effects in Repligator which you can use to add dazzle to your photos! Repligator Home version costs $9.95, try the free demo by clicking on the download button below



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