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Dawn Lawson writes about this blue cloudy lady image:

Javala The Jewellry Model"Javala is a mannequin. She models jewelry for me on occasion. She is painted the same color as the barstools at Hamburger Mary's in Sacramento- she looks like the goddess of coffee, hence 'Javala'. I intensified the colors in her picture, and ran it through Repligator, saving different versions and running them through again. I believe that the final image is a combination of 'Sonar' and 'Clouds'. Playing with colors and images is about as close to meditation as I can get. Most of the images on my glass art website - http://www.outglass.com - have been through Repligator. The program gives artwork an incredible edge."

This Repligator story comes from Charles Quekett, Pembrokeshire, Wales:

Church Postcard

"Recently I made a set of greetings cards for my local church. I used Repligator 8 to generate ideas, as well as to manipulate the images, which had originated from the simplest of digital cameras. Over the summer, one or two would sell each week and the money would be left in the box.

Until one week, I found that all the remaining cards in the box had sold. Yippee! Ah. But then I found that there was no money in the box and other things didn't look quite right. Two candles and a bottle of Communion wine were also missing. It would seem that the thief preferred to take the Repligatored cards rather than the brass candlesticks!"

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