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How to make a Pop Art pictures - Roy Lichtenstein style.

Here I'm talking about the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Follow this link iof you want to make a Warhol version of your photo. The first thing to do is to open your photo (or copy it into the program via the Windows clipboard) and then choose the filter you want.

Choose Pop Art from the list in the center of the dialog box:

(Roy Lichtenstein graphical effect filter settings

Once you have done that you can look through the examples (Prev. & Next Example buttons shown above) or do some fine tuning (clicking on the button of the same name). The fine tuning will give you this dialog:

Choosing the Roy Lichtenstein graphical effect filter settings Pop Art Filter Effect

You can see that the image is divided into 4 levels of brightness and you choose what sort of Lichtenstein coloring to use in each level, as well as if the levels are divided by lines.

Below are some more examples of this effect.

Pop Art From Black and white photos

The following four images all came from the same original dialog.

Roy Lichtenstein portrait example 1

Roy Lichtenstein portrait example 2

Roy Lichtenstein portrait example 3

Roy Lichtenstein portrait example 4

Che is always popular with Pop artists...

Looking at the dialog again:

Pop Art Filter Settings

...you can see a combo box with "Off (no mixing)" is visible at bottom right. You can in fact choose to mix Lichtenstein's style with the original image. An example is shown where we have chosen the Inner-Outer mixing option.

Lichtenstein's style mixed with normal style

Finally the tickle icon in the toolbar lets you experiment simply and quickly with the effect (and any of them), as illustrated below.

Pop Art Tickling

A very good starting point for this Roy Lichtenstein effect can be a simple solid black and solid white image as shown below...

The filter quickly turns it into a dazzling pop art logo:

The demo of Repligator is a free download, so why not try it yourself, on your own images?

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