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Repligator, Easy to use graphics effects from Ransen Software

Here are just a few examples...

Original PhotoUnderwater Effect on your photosBlue China Effect, Spode, on your photos

Repligator is easy to install and use. You can create lively images with amazing single click effects. Try the free demo, no forms to fill in, just download and go!

Photo Captions on your photosDigital Cubist Effect on your own photographsColor Reducer Effect on your photographs

Repligator is just what you need for WEB images, or fantastic graphics for leaftets, company and school magazines, etc. Its great for adding a bit of zip to your photo collection!

Sepia Effect, how to apply to your own photosMotion Blur Effect applied to your own photographsStarry Saintly Effect

You can buy the full PRO version for only US$19.99.

  • Creating graphics with Repligator is satisfying, easy, and fun.
  • Repligator can help children gain confidence with computers and computer graphics.
  • Repligator adds value to your photos. All you have to do is push F7 to see your images transformed by the 150 effects.
  • Use Repligator to create a new clip-art collection (from your old clip-art collection!).
  • Visit the Customer's Gallery .

Even though Repligator produces high quality effects, and is used by professionals, it does not use "plug-ins". There are no complex "preferences" or "setup" dialogs. Just install and go! If you don't believe it, try the FREE demo!

Repligator has easy to use Art Effects as well as unique technological effects.

Download Repligator Image Effect Software

Compatible with Windows
How to create a sepia vignette from a normal photograph
Sepia Vignette Effect

How to apply Artistic Effects easily and simply to your images

How to create a pencil sketch from your photograph
Rough Sketch Effect


How to create an Andy Warhol version of your photograph
Andy Warhol Screen Print Effect


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