Tips for Digicam Users

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Digital cameras often take photos at a very high resolution (say more than 4000 pixels wide). These large sizes may be bigger than your screen. (And let's be honest, they may be bigger than you need if you only print at A4!) Here are two tips about how best to handle large images in Repligator.


If you want to use the images on the WEB (or as attachments to email), then you need a smaller size image, at the very most 800 pixels wide, and more normally between 300 to 600 pixels wide. When you bring large images into Repligator you will be asked if you want to reduce the size and by how much.


If, on the other hand, you need the high resolution preserved (maybe you want to print it at A3) then when you bring in the image to Repligator you can reduce its apparent size by zooming . You can use the view menu, or the zoom icons in the toolbar Zoom-Icons , or the numeric "-" key. That way you can see  the whole image on the screen at once, but the full resolution is preserved. Note that the title bar of the image tells you the zoom % when it is not the normal 100%.


You can see your current zoom setting in the title bar of the document:




If you are neither zoomed in nor zoomed out then there will be no zoom percent number in the title bar.



See also Automatic Resize and Image Quality