DPI, Dots Per Inch

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Repligator has a DPI calculator which you can use to see the DPI of your image when printed at various page sizes. (This does not set any printing stuff, it is just for your information.)


Use the Properties menu or the right button click and click on DPI:






You may or may not want to read on...


Some people for some reason think that Repligator images are at 72 DPI.


Please be clear, Repligator images do not have any DPI number until you print them. Please don't trust what Photoshop or PaintShopPro say, work it out! It's easy. Dots Per Inch means number of pixels divided by the size of the printed image in inches:


Note that most people will not be able to tell the difference between 400 DPI and 200 DPI, try it on the youngest adult you know (they will have good eyesight!)


Currently the maximum image (PRO) size is 8500 tall or high. Printed at Super A3 this gives you a DPI of 447, and more than 900 DPI on A4.


The Home version automatically limits on the size of the images and will rescale images bigger than 2500 pixels. This gives 131 DPI on Super A3 and a bit more than 300 DPI on A4 paper.


For your convenience here are some common page sizes:



8.3 " wide (210mm)

11.7" high (297 mm)


11.7" wide (297mm)

16.5" high (420 mm)


8.5" wide (215 mm)

11" high (279 mm)

Super A3

12.9" wide (329 mm)

19" high (483 mm)