How much RAM (memory) does Repligator need?

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RAM is the memory in your computer used for calculation and temporary storage of images and documents as you work on them. Your hard disk capacity is a different thing and is used for storing your documents and images permanently.


Here is how to work out how much RAM a single image needs:


Normal Quality Bytes = Width * Height * 3

High Quality Bytes = Width * Height * 12


Take for example a 1000*500 image:


Normal Quality Bytes = 1000*500*3

                    = 1,500,000 

                    = roughly 1.5 Mega Bytes


High Quality Bytes = 1000*500*12

                  =  6,000,000

                  = roughly 6 Mega Bytes


The larger the image the less need there is for high quality setting because the jaggies are less noticeable. With small images pixels are relatively larger and so high image quality can improve the final image.


See also Automatic Resizing and System Requirements.