Image Quality (or Anti-aliasing)

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Image quality can be increased by applying a technique called "anti aliasing". This is a method for removing the annoying jagged edges found in many computer graphics images.


You can change the quality setting using the IQ-icon icon in the toolbar. You will get a dialog like this:




In there are 2 image qualities:

Normal is the fastest and does not remove any jaggies.
High quality removes the "jaggies" but requires a longer processing time and more computer memory.


Below is a closeup of the Futurist effect. On the left is the normal quality image and on the right is the anti-aliassed  (high quality) image.


qual-low qual-high


Other points:

The benefits of High image quality are most obvious with small images (less than 1000 pixels on a side).
With medium sized to large images it is probably better to use Normal as you experiment, and then use High when you find the setting that you want.
Very large images (more than 1024 pixels on a side) may be perfectly acceptable at NORMAL quality.
Image Quality settings apply to the sequence in which they are set.
To change the image quality level use the menu Properties | Image Quality... , or IQ-icon in the toolbar
Sometimes the apparent quality is less than it is in reality because your image is zoomed out .