The Banya Effect

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This effect transforms your original image into a painting by Victor Vasarely (the Optical Artist). Honest. It just looks like 1960s wallpaper. It is based on his 0519- BANYA painting (1964). It works well when simple black and white images (for example a disk, or a triangle, or a strong logo) are used as the original image.


The colors of the shapes change according to the original image. You can change the colors and also change the number of grid squares.


A good way to experiment with this Effect is to simply hit F8 on the keyboard (or Ticke-Icon on the toolbar) once it has been selected.


Although it looks purely "digital" this effect can benefit from increased image quality.


For more data on Victor Vasarely see the OpArt effect.


As with all Effects you can change:

How the filtered image is mixed with the original image.
How the original image influences the effect using Advanced Selection.


See also the Vasarely Effect.