How to choose the effect you want to apply

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First get an image into Repligator. Then use F6 or the E-Icon icon or the Properties | Effect Settings menu item or simply the E key on your keyboard.


This dialog lets you choose the effect (filter) to apply to your image.


Select the effect from the list in the center of the dialog:



The original image is shown on the left, the image after applying the effect is on the right. You can try different settings of the effect by clicking on the Sample buttons.


If you like what you see simply click on the Apply Filter button.


If you want to change some settings of the chosen effect click on Fine Tune….


If you dont want to apply an effect click on Cancel


The thumbnail preview gives you an idea of what the final image will look like. The thumbnail is small so cannot show you the full effect of the filter on your image.


The SAMPLE buttons let you generate new settings for the filter randomly.


If you see a (V) after the effect name then it means that, in the PRO version, the final image can be saved in vector format. In the above dialog you can see that Embroidery and Cross-Stitch both have vector output possibilities.