The Dalmation Illusion Effect

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This is a famous black and white photo of a dalmation dog on a spotty black and white ground, which, sometimes simply seems a mess of black and white blotches, and sometimes you can see the dog. This effect does the same thing to your photos! The dialog shows settings for part A of the photo (imagine this as the dog part) and part B (imagine this as the ground part). The trick is to have the settings sufficiently different to just be able to see the object in the photo. This effect works best with simple images of blocked color.


As usual you can leave the wizard to choose everything, and push F8 to get several versions of this effect on your image. Or you can:


Set the size of the blotches in either the A or B parts.

Set the number of blotches in either the A or B parts.

Set the color of the blotches and the color of the ground.