The Web Fade Effect

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Sometimes you want the image to blend smoothly into some background color. A good example is blending in with a WEB page background color. This is what this effect does.


In version 14 of Repligator we have added a color picker to set that color, simply drag you mouse from the rectangle in the middle left of the diaog to the area on the screen where you want to pick up the color.


The most commonly used option is Elliptical Outer-In, and here is how to do it:


Bring in your image and select Web fade as the effect to apply. On the bottom right of the dialog is a combo box which defaults to Off (No Mix). Select from the drop down list Elliptical Vignette. Now move the Mix slider to 40% and the Sharpness slider to 70%.


Now choose the color:


To fade to white : Click on "Choose..." and select white from the color dialog. Alternatively in the color edit type FFFFFF.

To fade to black : Click on "Choose..." and select black from the color dialog. Alternatively in the color edit type 0000000.


If you have a WEB page you want to fade to and you know the color settings of the HTML data it is easiest for you to simply type in the color edit box the color you find in the HTML page. For example a page could have the following settings:

<body bgcolor="#003C00" text="#A0FFA0" link="#00FFFF" vlink="#70A0FF">

which would appear near the top of the page. If you would want the Repligator images to appear to blend into this page simply look for the bgcolor numbers (in the above example 003C00) and copy them into the color edit box.


HTML color format: The first two (hexadeximal) numbers specify redness of the color, the second two the greeness of a color and the last two blueness of a color. Here are some more examples:

Black :    000000

Red :      FF0000

Green :    00FF00

Blue :     0000FF

Cyan:      00FFFF

White:     FFFFFF