The Fallen Letters Effect

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This Effect transforms your original image into letters which have fallen in positions, angles, and sizes determined by your original image. The easiest way to experiment with this Effect is to activate Wizard Chooses (click on the Wizard Chooses box so that a little cross is visible and all the other controls become "greyed-out") and then to hit F8 a few times.


You can choose:

The letters to be used, there must be at least one letter. Obviously you will not see any spaces in the final image.
The total number of letters to be drawn in the image.
The average letter size as a % of the width of the image.
The font to be used. Ignore that the "size" control in the font selection, this is done using the slider in the main dialog described above.
How the distribution ("Intensity") and "Size" of letters changes over the images,
The color of the letters, a single solid color, a random color, or a color based on the color at the position of the letter in the original image.
You can choose to have the letters drawn over the original image or on a colored background .


As with all Effects you can change:

How the filtered image is mixed with the original image.
How the original image influences the effect using Advanced Selection(PRO version only).
The quality of the final image.