Flowers Effect

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This turns your image into a field of flowers with a field of leaves in the background. Most of the options are self-explanatory, and as usual it is best to let the Wizard choose and push F8 a few times to see what pops up and what is possible


The size of a petal or leaf is as a % of the length of the diagonal of the original image. The width of a petal or leaf is its "fatness".


The Variability slider changes the range of colors used. Low variability give a very schematic screen print type of image, high variability is more generous with the palette.


Use high image quality for best effects when your original image is small.


This effect is best used in one of two ways:

If the original image is a simple black and white image with solid edges (like the F7.JPG example) then use it with or without image mixing
If the original image is quite complex, with many colors you may prefer to use this with elliptical in/out mixing to form a nice vignette effect.