The Horizontal Ripples Effect

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This effect submerges some of your image under water.


The "horizon" of the water is the amount of the image under water. 10% is very little of the image under water, and 90% is a lot of the image under water. In the above example the original image was purely sky, with this effect we have added a tranquil ocean to it.


The ripple size is the "height" of the ripples, or how far the reflection of the original image gets disturbed.


The ripple frequency sets the distance between peaks of ripples. The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance.


The water color fraction is how much of a water color is added to the reflection. 0 means no water color is added, and 1 means that the reflection is only water color. You can choose the water color by clicking on the water color button.


See also the Underwater Effect.