Image Sequencies

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Every time you create a new image it is added to the image sequence.


Image Idea Sequences are runs of images all produced from the very first original image. The sequence of images can be viewed in a thumbnail version using the Image Sequence Overview Dialog.





You can get this dialog by clicking on the middle icon of the set show here:Casette


Every time you hit F7 or F8 and a new image is created this new image is added to the sequence. This allows you to create and view many effects quickly.


This sequence is a simple but key idea of Repligator. While the Repligator is running, any images in open sequences are not lost, you can go back to them. This allows a sort of Evolutionary Art. Going back to an image idea which you liked you can change the settings for the Effect applied (by hitting F9 or clicking on the slider icon) to get just the effect you like. The effect is always applied to the original (the first) image in the sequence.


The sequence of images is stored within Repligator in a very compact form. Only if you decide to save an image from the sequence will you use up any space on your hard disk.


As well as using the using the Image Sequence Overview Dialog, you can move within an image sequence by using the green "cassette" buttons in the toolbar:




or the forward and backward arrow keys on the keyboard.


The current version of Repligator can have up to 120 images in a single sequence.


You can create many new images in one go the Automatic Multiple Image Generator.