Crashes, Log files, bugs and problems


Sometimes a crash is caused by an old or incompatible graphics card driver. Many problems can be solved by simply reducing the amount of "hardware acceleration". Right-click on the desktop, Properties | Settings | Advanced. One of the tabs has that option.


On XP systems it's under Display Properties | Settings | Advanced | Troubleshoot, but it could also be something like "Performance" on 2000. Drop it down to the lowest level and see if Repligator still crashes.


If this solves the problem you may be able to increase hardware acceleration after getting the latest driver for your graphics card. Only install a new video driver if you know what you are doing.


Log files help us solve problems.


Repligator keeps a temporary technical log of its operations in a text file which is know as a "log file". The log file helps in case of errors, especially if there is a crash which cannot be resolved by reducing the hardware acceleration. The log file tells the programmer what the program was doing just before the crash and so helps find the problem.


If Repligator crashes then you can help the Repligating community by sending the log file to us before running Repligator again. You have to do it before running Repligator again because the file will be erased by the next session of Repligator.


To turn logging on hit control-J. To turn it off hit control-J again. To get the logfiles onto your desktop hit control-L. You can send us these copies.


For the more technically minded masochists here is how to find the log file. Run Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and type:


%appdata%\Ransen Software\Replig17\Temp


in the address bar. You can even copy and paste the text from this text file to the address bar, as shown below.



Now hit the enter key and you will be taken to the correct directory which will look something like this:




Please send us RepLog.txt in the red ellipse shown above.


By default logging is switched off, but it can be turned on using control-J or in the Repligator registry settings.