The Pointillism Effect

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This effect turns your image into a pointillist painting. The pointillist technique in painting was developed by the French painter George Seurat (1859-1891) in the 1880s. Small dabs of color are placed side by side to create an impression of shimmering light when viewed from a distance.


This effect uses 25 colors to reproduce the original image, and if you disable the wizard chooses option you can choose these colors yourself. You can also choose how well defined are lines of dots (which follow the contours of the image) and how thickly the "points" painted. The size of the dots is a percentage of the diagonal size of the image.


Since the points are quite small changing the image quality to high can improve the look of the effect quite a lot.


Increasing the size of the points and using the original image as the background can give you an Impressionist effect.