Primitive Art Effect

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In 1898, in some previously hidden caves in Italy, some primitive glass pottery was found. The decoration on the pots consisted of glowing abstract patterns made up of lines and rings of various shapes. This effect transforms your original image into one of these primitive designs.


You can change:

The background, line and "feature" colors.
The density of the patterning, density slider to the extreme right sets high density.
The area of the image covered by the patterns (roughly).
The "feature" shape at the joins of the lines (Circle, Square or Triangle).
The size of the features.


This effect is best used in one of two ways:

If the original image is a simple black and white image with solid edges (like the F7.JPG example) then use it with or without image mixing
If the original image is quite complex, with many colors you may prefer to use this with elliptical in/out mixing to form a nice vignette effect.