The Options Dialog (PRO version only)

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JPG quality setting: The higher this value is the higher the quality of the JPG format images are when you save them. But high quality means larger image files. A good compromise is a value between 50 and 90. With values below 40 you begin to see blocks in the JPG saved image, even though the file size is much lower.


The JPG image quality setting (to do with saving files) is not the same as the more general image quality setting (to do with creating files).


Ask if images should be resized: When you open a large image you will be asked if you want to resize it. If you know you will never resize images with this dialog you can stop it popping up by clearing this checkbox. More information on the resize dialog.


Wizard ON: If you prefer to select all the options of the filters and effects then clear this check box. You can still use the wizard, but it will not be automatically on. Having the wizard on allows you to resize and rotate images as they are brought into Repligator. Here is how to switch on the image open wizard: