Paste Image with Resize command (PRO Version Only)

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This command, under the PRO menu, lets you paste an image into Repligator and change its size at the same time. This dialog also pops up when Repligator does "automatic image resize".


To resize an image: Copy it to the clipboard (the original image can come from within Repligator or from an external program like PaintShopPro, and then use this command (under the PRO) menu.


Click here to find out why you may want to resize up.


If you lock horizontal and vertical dimensions then the new pasted image will retain the shape it had (long or tall, the "aspect ratio" to be technical), even though the area will be different.


If you turn off the locking between horizontal and vertical dimensions then you will be able to squash or stretch the pasted image to your hearts content.


See also the Options Dialog (PRO version only).