Stardust Effect

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The Stardust Effect creates an image of stars where the intensity and concentration of stars depends on the original image: You can change:


Number of stars: Changes the total number of stars in the image
Number of stars with spikes: As a percentage of the total number of stars.
Whether or not spiked stars have halos (circles around the stars) just like photographs.
The maximum diameter of the spikes (as a % of the diagonal size of the image)
The amount of background energy, which gives a shadowy effect behind the stars. The form of the shadowy effect is based on the original image.
The main color of the stars.
The color of the halos around spiked stars.
The color of the backgound.


Increasing the image quality (IQ icon IQ-icon) can be effective with the StarDust. You can image mixing too. See also the Sparkles Effect.