Text Effect

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Do you remember when computer graphics meant printing images with text printers? Well this effect does it even better!


The phrase contains the letters which will be used to form the image.
The slider below the phrase sets how many letters will be printed across the page horizontally.
The font button allows you to select a font. You should ignore the size part of the font dialog as that is selected automatically according to the "number of letters" slider explained above.
The letters can take on a single solid color or change with the color of the original image
The background can be the original image, or a simply color(s).


As usual you can activate the Wizard chooses checkbox (all other controls get greyed out) and push F8 a few times to see what images come up.


A good font to try is WingDings.


Ransen Software has created a program to do this effect with many more controls called Word Portrait. See www.ransensoftware.com for more details.