The Mark Tobey Effect

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The effect turns your image into a painting by Mark Tobey (1890 - 1976). Actually it doesn't, because most of his work was purely abstract, with no hint of any underlying image. In many paintings he created a rough ground and then drew/scratched marks/hieroglyphs on top of it.


As usual push F8 to experiment with the settings automatically, and double click on the image to set the settings manually. If you clear the Wizard check box you can choose

1) The number of marks he makes
2) The % area of the canvas where marks are present
3) The main mark color
4) The two background colors which form the rough backgrond


Usually the Wizard will choose standard Tobey greys and blacks, but now and then it goes gah gah and chooses wild colors, of which the original artist may not have approved. See also the Jackson Pollock effect.