Function keys, toolbar icons and keyboard shortcuts.

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Shortcuts for commands are visible at the extreme right of the menu items. Some commands have both a function key and a keyboard letter (Vignette is both F11 and V for example).


F1: Hit F1 if you need help.


F6 , E, E-Icon :Choose effect to apply.


F7 , G, F7-Icon :Let Repligator decide on all settings and generate a new filtered image. Mnemonic: 7 = lucky, and you trust to the luck of the Wizard with F7. The new image added to the end of the sequence. Mnemonic: G = Go Gah Gah.


F8 , Ticke-Icon : Keep the current effect, but generate variations. The new image added to the end of the sequence. The feather "tickles" the settings of the current effect.


Ctrl-F8, parameters remain the same, slight changes in effect, see "Variations on a theme". PRO version only, also under the PRO menu. Neither F8 nor Control-F8 change the mixing settings.


F9 , Settings-Icon : Change idea generation settings. The new image added to the end of the sequence.


F10, Ctrl-I , Internal-Copy-Icon copy and paste the image internally within Repligator. This is called "internal copy and paste".


F11 or V, or Vignette-Icon Vignette effect, like F7 but with the center of image unchanged.


F12, F12-icon : start generating automatically many new images .


ESC key,  stop-icon : Interrupts, abandons the generation of an image.


Ctrl-W to restore window image size of unzoomed (normal 100% image)


Ctrl-Y, forward-arrow-cursor-key,Go-Fwd-Icon   (like REDO in some programs). To go forward one image in the current sequence. This does not generate a new image, it just goes to one you created previously.


Ctrl-Z and back-arrow-cursor-key,  Go-Back-Icon (like UNDO in some programs). To go back one idea in the current sequence use. This is equivalent to the back arrow in the tool bar. Repeatedly hitting Ctrl-Z will take you back to the original image in sequence.

Alt F4 To end the program, you will be prompted to save any unsaved images.


+ or  Ctrl +, Zoom-In-Icon : Zoom in


- or  Ctrl -, Zoom-Out-Icon : Zoom out


Ctrl-W, or Zoom-Normal-Icon : Zoom to normal size.


Ctrl-C , Copy-Iconto place an image from Repligator into the clipboard.


Ctrl-O, open-icon to open an image file.


Ctrl-V, Paste-Icon, Paste, to get an image from the clipboard into Repligator.


O, Original-icon to go back to the original image


F, Magic-Framer-Iconis the Magic Framer .


L, Go-Last-Icongo to last image.


Q ,IQ-icon, will bring up the image quality dialog (as long as Repligator is not currently working on an image).


S, change the advanced image area selection settings (PRO version only).