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Some replies to some questions.


Q: Can we convert raster images to vector?  And, if so, can vector image files be converted to .dxf files?  Are there instructions in the HELP files?

A: Some of the effects give output in PostScript, which is the normal vector output for graphic design files. Another program would be required to convert from PostScript (.PS) to DXF. Repligator is not an image file format converter.


Q: When files are being converted there is 100% CPU usage and only about 3% memory (on a PC with 400 MB RAM) is this normal?

A: Yes. The program is being as efficient as it can be.


Q: On the display, the bottom of the image doesn't show, and the slide bar is buried, so he can't adjust.  How should his screen be sized?

A: Use the zoom icons to reduce the apparent size of the image so it can be positioned using the title bar.


Q: The program shows both original and modified images side-by-side ... when printing the altered image, the printout does not appear the same as the display. Can you suggest some fine-tuning that would mitigate the differences he is seeing?

A: No, basically Repligator is not a good printer, and to get the best results you'd need to use a paint program. Also sometimes what is seen on the screen is much nicer than what is printed because the screen emits light whereas the print only reflects light.