Tutorial - Multiple Image Creation

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Repligator Tutorial 2: Creating multiple images quickly.


We will repeat the first two steps of the previous tutorial.

Step 1) Open an image by clicking on open-icon in the toolbar. You can choose one of the images supplied with Repligator for this tutorial, for example Swan.jpg.


Step 2) You will be asked to choose an effect:



Step 3) Click on Image Chaos and use the "Sample" buttons to find an image you like. Here is an example of what you might get:




Step 4) Now the fun part! Click on F12-icon or hit the F12 key. Note that this icon has 2 die  (which is meant to indicate multiple images). You will get a dialog:



Here you can set how many images you want to generate automatically, and what sort of generation you want to do. Set your dialog box to look like the above, and click on OK.


Step 5) Repligator will now generate 10 images in your sequence. You can interrupt the generation by clicking on the image itself, or hitting the ESC key, or clicking on the stop-icon icon.


Step 6) Now you can use the Casette buttons to review and or save some of the images which have been created.


The next tutorial will use the images you have created in this tutorial, so don't exit Repligator if you want to do Tutorial 3 now!

Tutorial 3: Fine tuning your effects