Tutorial - Fine Tuning Your Effects

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Repligator Tutorial 3: Fine Tuning


You must have completed the previous tutorials before doing this one. In this tutorial you will learn about fine control of the effects you apply.

Step 1) Choose an image and apply some effects to it using the F7 (F7-Icon) or F12 (F12-icon) key.


Step 2) Go to the image you find most interesting in the sequence and click on the slider icon in the toolbar F9-set (or hit F9). You will be presented with a dialog of fine tuning settings for the effect. Here is an example dialog (this one for the "Under Water Effect", the one you see may well be different:




Step 3) Change the settings as you like and click on OK to generate a new image with the settings you have chosen.


Step 4) Changing the mix settings. On the right half of every effect dialog there is the preview of the effect and underneath that the mix settings. The mix settings let you choose if and how to mix the original image with the final image. In the above example, if we wanted only the edge of the image to have ripples we could choose the elliptical vignette mix:


To get a final image like this:


You can do it with portraits too:


Notice how we have mixed the original image (which you can see in the center) with the image after the effect has been applied (which you can see at the edges).

In the previous step you have changed the settings of an individual effect. But maybe you want to choose the effect yourself...

Step 4) You can choose the effect to apply by clicking on F6-icon or pushing the F6 function key. Both will give you this dialog where you can choose the effect:




Tutorial 4 : Image Quality