Tutorial - Improving Image Quality

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Repligator Tutorial 4: Improving Image Quality


Step 0) In the previous tutorial you created several images. (If you have closed Repligator between this tutorial and the previous one then repeat the previous tutorial, it should take you a minute at the most!)


Step 1) Now you have several transformed images. Go to one which you like using the keyboard cursor keys or the Casette buttons.


Step 2) Push "Q" on the keyboard or click on theIQ-icon icon. You will get the image quality dialog:




Here is an example of the difference between low quality (on the left) and high quality (on the right) versions of the same image:


qual-low qual-high



As you can see the high quality does not have the stepping (or pixellation) of the lines. The larger the image the less likely that you need to use the high quality settings.


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