Tutorial - How to make vignettes

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Tutorial 5: How to make vignettes with Repligator


You will learn in this tutorial how to make sepia and blue china vignettes:

Accordian-vignette Accordian-China


Step 1) Open the image file open-icon and choose Sepia in the choose effect dialog:




Step 2) Click on the "Fine Tune..." button and the Sepia settings dialog will pop up:



Step 3) Choose what sort of frame (octagon, rectangle, oval) you'd like. Also choose also the frame width, which is a % of the diagonal width of the image. Now click on OK and a sepia vignette version of your original image will be created:



Step 4) If you now double click on the image, or push the F9 key, or click on the F9-set icon. The Sepia dialog will appear again and you can choose different frame or frame width options.


Step 5) Now we will have a look at the Blue China effect of Repligator for making vignettes. Push the F6 key, or click on the F6-icon icon to choose an effect. Select Blue China from the list and click on OK. You will see this dialog:



Step 6) Make your own choices about the frame type and frame width. You can also choose the "density" of the effect, and whether the hatching is diagonal or square. Click on OK and a blue china vignette version of your image will be created:



Step 7) Click on F9-set or double click the image or push the F9 key, and the Blue China dialog box will appear again so you can experiment with the settings.

Step 8) Remember that you can use these buttons Casette, or the cursor keys on your keyboard, to go back and foward to previous versions of the image you have created. You only need to save the images you really like.


Tutorial 6 : How to make Stardust vignettes