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Sepia Vignette
You can use Repligator to quickly and easily create Sepia Vignettes:

Sepia Vignette EffectSepia Vignette Horse

Simply open your image and choose the Sepia Effect from the list of 150 effects available to you, then use the Sepia dialog box allows you to change the border type as well as the actual sepia colors.Click on OK and your Sepia Photo appears, ready to print or mail to friends! See this other example. You may be interested in this page on vignettes in general.

Another effect in this program is the Multiple-Colorize effect which lets you mix colors across an image (vertically or horizontally).

Download the demo now to find out how easy it really is.
(The full Home version costs $9.99, the full Pro version costs $19.99).

See also Mixing and Blue China Vignette.

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