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Download your own Pop Art Studio !

With this program you can apply the Lichtenstein effect to ordinary photos in order to get Pop Art paintings! Below are some examples and here is the download.

All of these images start with this portrait:

Pop Art Example Image (Starting image)

The program quickly creates:

Pop Art Image Example 1

Pop Art Image Example 2

Pop Art Image Example 2

Pop Art Image Example 3

And of course don't forget the Warhol Type Filter, click on the image below to see more:

Pop Art Image Example 4


All you have to do to get a Warhol version of your photograph is to open it using the file menu and select Warhol from the list of filters. You can also drag-and-drop the image, or use the clipboard. Anyway, when you have the image in the program you get this pretty easy to use dialog:

Dialog for choosing colors and so on

You can change individual colors of individual sub images by clicking on the sub image in the preview area. Here are some more examples, showing the original image:

Of course this self-same program has 149 other effects, and still keeping with the image of Albert here are some other transformations:

Not just Warhol, scanlines too.Not just Warhol, manga cartoons too.

Not just Warhol, sparkle too.Not just Warhol, sonar too.

Click on the button below to download Repligator's free demo and try the amazing easy to use transformations on your own photos:

Download Repligator

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