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Sepia gives a romantic old time look to even the most modern of digital photographs. You can easily give your images an old world effect by bringing in your image and selecting Sepia as the filter to apply:

How to choose the "sepia" filter

To experiment with the effect you can click on the Next Example and Previous Example buttons and the program will give you various versions of the sepia effect. You can also click on the "Fine Tune" button and get this more detailed dialog to get just the atmosphere you are looking for:

How to change sepia dialpg settings

You can choose and modify the sepia levels, and even choose to have an oval (or octangular or rectangular) frame. Then portraits become even more romantic...

Romantic Sepia Portrait

Another example which uses the mixing options of Repligator:

See also this example, Sepia Vignette and the Old Film Effect. You can also use the Sepia Effect to make "Duotone effect" images.

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